Delore Quality Healthcare Services

Our Hourly Services Include:

Nutrition and Dietary Maintenance
Pain Control: Monitoring as prescribed
Hygiene and Daily Physical Care
Daily Living Needs
Routine Personal Care
Stand-by or Walking Assistance
Laundry/Linen Changes
Meal Planning and Cooking Household
Coordination of Care
Staff relief in Hospitals, Group Homes, Nursing
Homes, Shelters, Retirement Homes and Institutions
Correctional Centre Support

Convalesce and Chronic Care
Care of the elderly and cognitively impaired
Personal and attendant care (bathing, grooming)
Support to individuals with special needs
Short and long term assignments
Care giver relief
Respite services (day, overnight, weekends)
Assistance with medication
Palliative care
Community skills training and support
Escort with appointments
Day Program Support
Classroom assistant
Child care support
Behavioral support
And more


We at Delore Quality Health Care Services play a part in integrating people with developmental disabilities into the community by providing temporary relief front line staffing needs.

Delore has demonstrated a real commitment to this partnership towards a better future in developmental disabilities.

You should know…

We continue to be a supporter for many organizations through generous annual donations. In fact, at Delore health care services we have an obligation to give back.


We’ve been providing reliable, professional services to the Toronto Area since 2015!

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Delore Quality Healthcare Services’ philosophy of giving back transcends all aspects of the business, whether it is his insistence on the compassionate care provided by staff workers to people with Developmental disabilities, Delore treats everybody as family.